Jose Hernandez

Professional Mentor

Born in Klamath Falls, Jose is the first generation in his family born in the United States. His parents emigrated in the 1970s from Mexico and taught their four children to work hard, be kind to others, be honest and ethical, and enlighten the next generation about their culture and passions. Jose has taken those lessons to heart. He enjoys fishing, hunting, and traveling, and he attempts to incorporate athletics among other talents into the lives of his two children and his mentees. Jose attempts to open the eyes of children to the small details in life, and to take pause for moments that create cherished memories, learning opportunities, and time to regroup. Jose feels honored to have touched the lives of many mentees, walking alongside them as they have navigated a world different from when he grew up. In return, he has learned as much as he has taught. He feels great accomplishment when past graduates from the program call to update him on their lives and successes, and he gives thanks.

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