February 19, 2021

Meet Nancy

Building Social Skills, Changing Systems

Giving everyone the same resources to overcome obstacles is equality. Giving everyone what they need to overcome obstacles is equity. Even a 12-year-old knows the difference.

At least 12-year-old *Nancy does.

For the two years in elementary school that she lived in foster care in Chiloquin, Nancy hated leaving school early four days weekly to drive 45 minutes to the DHS office in downtown Klamath Falls for counseling and supervised visits with her biological dad.

Why couldn’t they meet in Chiloquin so that she wouldn’t need to miss classes? That is the question Nancy plans to pose in a presentation to DHS staff later this year – a personal challenge she set for herself as the “prosocial development” goal of her annual Friends of the Children Road Map plan.

“She’s pretty shy and calm,” said her Friend Lori, “but she will stick up for what she believes in. She wants people to know her story and make a difference for others experiencing the same challenges.”

*Name changed to protect privacy