September 18, 2015

Local Educator, Gian, Becomes Valuable Partner

I have been an elementary school teacher for over 25 years and would like to share my experiences with Friends of the Children. Many years ago, I first became aware of this incredible program when a mentor introduced himself to me. He told me that he was a “Friend” to one of my students and that he would like to come into our classroom weekly to help out this student and to be a positive influence in the classroom. That was the start of something very special. Over the years, I not only became acquainted with this particular mentor but many other mentors as well.

What impressed me the most about this unique program is that the children get one constant and positive role model in their lives, for not just a short burst of time, but for their entire school career. I have seen, first hand, the difference that this one caring and constant adult can do for these student’s lives as well as the lives of the families. This “Friend” is more than a friend. They are a big brother or sister, confidant, tutor, cheerleader and most importantly, someone who is always there who cares about them and gives them help and guidance. All the “Friends” in Klamath Falls have proven to be long-term employees that truly care about the well-being of these children. That is something that continues to make me a huge fan of this awesome program.

- Gian Christmas, Conger Elementary School