December 07, 2015

Millie's Story

The progress of our work is best illustrated by the story of one of our youth, Millie. Before she was selected for our program, Millie missed school frequently, struggled in class and was placed in a special education program. Millie spent little time with her parents due to their evening work schedules, and she came to school smelling strongly of cigarette smoke, stale food and animals.

During Millie’s first year in the program, her Friend began by empowering Millie to take care of her own hygiene. Then, with intensive academic support, Millie’s grades began to improve; the biggest success came during Millie’s seventh year. Not only had she made significant progress academically—she made the honor roll both semesters! And, for the first time ever, she passed the state reading test for her grade. Improvements in her hygiene and academics have created tremendous changes in Millie’s self-image. She has developed into a very caring, hard-working and community-minded young lady who has every opportunity for success.